Teamwork for the Reese Group

Precision Technology needs heat treatment. And heat treatment needs know-how and experience. It is no coincidence that five well-versed engineers lead the Reese locations:

André Walter (Chemnitz), Philip Reese (Bochum/Brackenheim), Joachim Reese (Brackenheim), Christian Altenburger (Weimar) and Jörg Döllekes (Bochum) already stand by their customers during the designing of components and lay the foundations for an economic and quality-orientated production with their consulting in terms of material choices and suitable heat treatment.

For more than 70 years, HÄRTEREI REESE is a leader in development and application of heat treatment procedures for steel and other metal materials and takes up a prominent market position with its widespread expertise. Therefore, the company founder Dr. Ing. Helmut Reese already gave important scientific impetus and layed the foundations for an innovative company culture.

Today, HÄRTEREI REESE provides a broad range of material technology services at it’s locations Bochum, Brackenheim, Chemnitz and Weimar. Through exchange with universities and research centers as well as further internal advancement of methods and procedures, REESE is a highly-demanded specialist in it’s subject – nationally and internationally.

Heat Treatment is an indispensable factor of success for production – flawless and high-precise products create market advantages for our customers

Therefore, numerous partners continously place their trust in Reese, from material choice to application consultancy.