The REESE Group; this comprises the four centres for hardening technology located in Bochum, Brackenheim, Chemnitz and Weimar, was founded in 1948 and continuously developed to become what it is today – an innovative, owner-run medium-sized company with approximately 240 employees. With 170 systems for the thermal treatment of steel and other metal materials, HÄRTEREI REESE offers its international customers a comprehensive spectrum of procedures.

On request, we can provide customer-specific design and production consultation through our own engineers and technicians - thanks to our matured system, using control and measuring technology perfectly suited for workpieces with large dimensions or unusual geometries as well as small parts in series production. We also offer hardness tests in our own metallographic laboratory. And of course, our quality, environment and energy management systems are all certified.

Hardening and tempering – Case hardening – Surface layer hardening – Vacuum hardening – Nitriding – Plasma nitriding – Annealing – Surface treatment

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